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                It’s National
                Women’s Small
                Business Month.
                This month only! Check for special
                deals by entering your address.
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                Current Customers: Call 855-891-4083866-476-9909
                for savings and offers.
                Great Rewards
                For Your Business
                $100 Reward Card
                with SIMPLE Internet Purchase
                New business customers only. See Details
                SIMPLE Internet
                A Low Monthly Rate
                • Up to 140 Mbps
                • Standalone Business Internet
                Speed may not be available in your area.
                Prices Start at
                Prepay required. Modem and installation fees apply. Rate excludes taxes. See Details
                $100 Reward Card
                with SIMPLE Internet Purchase
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                Why Buy?
                • Fast Internet Speeds
                • Hassle-Free Online Billing
                • No Annual Contract
                • No Deposit Required
                • No Cancellation Fees
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                SIMPLE Internet +
                Digital Phone
                No Annual Contract
                • Up to 140 Mbps
                • Advanced VoIP phone service
                Speed may not be available in your area.
                Prices Start at
                Additional modem, installation, activation, and other equipment fees apply. Minimum Internet speed required for Digital Phone; rate includes one phone line. Rate excludes taxes, fees, and surcharges. See Details
                $100 Reward Card
                with SIMPLE Internet Purchase
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                Why Buy?
                • All SIMPLE Internet benefits
                • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
                • Voicemail and Visual Voicemail
                • Call History, Forwarding, Waiting
                • Instant Messaging and mobility features
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                CenturyLink SIMPLE. Internet for Business.
                A reliable Internet service with the highest speed available in your area for a low monthly service rate. There is no annual contract, no deposit and no credit check required. Prepay your monthly bill online with a credit or debit card and cancel anytime.
                Check Service at My Location
                Never Miss a Customer Call
                You need a reliable phone service so your customers and colleagues can reach you anytime, and virtually anywhere. That’s why crystal clear call quality, and a reliable service provider matters to your company. Our plans include unlimited nationwide calling along with popular calling and mobility features. Call today to ask about the plan that is right for your business.
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                Want Out of Your Cable
                Internet Contract?
                Switch to CenturyLink Fiber+ Internet,
                and get 6 months of service on us.
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                Your Connection to the Cloud
                CenturyLink cloud applications can help your business back up your critical data, build a website and social media program, work remotely, and share files seamlessly. Get the productivity, security and website management tools you need for your business. By tapping into the cloud, smaller businesses can have affordable access to the same collaboration and security tools that larger businesses use.
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                HOW TO BUY
                Questions? Call or chat for
                professional advice
                Call 855-891-4083866-476-9909
                What to expect when you call or chat
                1 We will check service availability at your business address.
                2 We’ll assess your internet and phone usage and needs.
                3 You’ll receive a recommendation and price quote for how we can best support your business needs.
                Have advanced networking
                or IT needs?
                Visit our website for medium and enterprise businesses.
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